I started my blog...again!

Well hello there, long time no blog! My last blog post was when I announced I was engaged and now it has been a year that I have been married - crazy I know! 

So why did I decide to start my blog up again? Well to be honest, for the longest time I really didn't find a need for a blog. I didn't think there was enough of a purpose. But recently, I have really been into reading beauty & home decor/design blogs and noticed that a lot of YouTube personalities have accompanying blog posts to there videos. This made sense to me. I could offer more information on a blog than in a video alone and if I missed anything in the video, I could easily add it to a blog post!

Not only will I be making a blog post for every video, but I will also be posting a lot about home decor, DIY's, art, reviews and more! I hope you enjoy my posts & stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!
xox Kelly