Lock Your Doors!

           So...I am absolutely paranoid about leaving any electronics in my car, locking my car doors and locking my house up anytime I step out! So the other day, I brought in my night stands from the car that I had bought off Kijiji (I hope to do a separate post of this). I had just painted these to match my bedroom and I was so excited to finally have them in my house!! As I was walking up the steps to my place I thought to myself "Did I lock my doors?" I quickly corrected myself because I was sure I did! I never leave them unlocked! So I set them up in my room and was very content! It was getting late so I went to bed.

          The next day I go to my car only to see the door ajar! So I thought "Hmm, that's weird, I must not have shut my car door all the way". I didn't think much of it because usually even when that happens the lock still works. So I proceed to open my door and see my bag that was in the back seat on my drivers side seat. I also see my glove box opened and everything poured out of it!! I quickly contacted my boyfriend to see if he had been in my car for anything! He hadn't so there could be only one reason...Somebody saw that I had Ipod and cellphone wires in my car and proceeded to search my car for anything they can get their grubby little hands on! Luckily they didn't find anything because, like I said, I am paranoid about these things. They left no evidence of forced entry so it was evident that it was just my fault for leaving the doors unlocked.

    Even though they didn't take anything, It still left me feeling violated! Literally the ONE time I leave them unlocked!!! There is always a lesson in everything! LOCK YOUR DOORS!!

Kelly xox


  1. I know!! Errr!! It's frustrating when you work so hard for things and people feel like they can just take them from you!!