Why I Took My Pure Hair Extensions Out

Hello, hello! So I realized that I put a few videos up on how I got these extensions installed and a Q & A, but I haven't told you my opinion yet. I didn't want to make a big video about it so I decided to blog about it instead!

First, I would like to thank Pure Hair Extensions and Jennifer for this opportunity. It was a really fun experience and I don't regret it. To take you all with me while I get my hair done and everything was exciting and I am glad I could share it with you!

Unfortunately I had the extensions in for two weeks and I ended up taking them out :( . I really wanted to love these extensions but in the end, they just weren't for me. It wasn't like it was a nightmare or anything, I just think it was mostly because I am so use to clip in's and the certain look they gave me that having a different type was awkward. Now, just because they didn't work for me, doesn't necessarily mean they wouldn't work for somebody else. This is only my opinion and everybody has a right to their own.

I feel the hair would be better suited for somebody with medium to thick hair. Since my hair was so fine, when I tried to let my hair air dry (which is the reason I wanted extensions, to grow my natural hair) they didn't blend with my hair. The hair had a wave to it, but medium/thick wavy hair drys differently than finer hair so I had to do a lot to my natural hair to blend it which was what I was trying to move away from.

Also, I feel you would need longer hair for this type of extension because my shorter pieces underneath were showing. Since my natural hair was wavy and the extension hair wasn't as wavy it and dried in thicker waves, it just didn't work out :S.

I had a few pieces fall out as well which wasn't fun...I am happy that I am a do it yourself-er and put them back in myself haha. I think my hair was just too slippery and fine for this type of extension.

All in all I just feel these didn't work well for my hair and better suited for somebody with medium/thicker hair. This is just my opinion.

Kelly XOX


  1. I had a similar experience with the manemaxx strand by strand method as well, only my natural hair had more wave than the board straight extension hair so whey it dried naturally I had A LOT of straightening to do to make it blend. It basically took up my whole morning which sucked! Sorry it didn't work out, but we always have our clip-ins!! :)
    -Candis (beautygenesis)

  2. However, I don't want to scare you, but take care when using clips, esp. in the same placements on your head time and time again. It’s possible that you could end up with some small bald spots and your hair may NEVER GROW back in that area. Trust me on this one. But here is some good news!!! If you want your hair to rest from clips, try Flip In Hair. I’m not selling it, but the idea is great You can check it out on youtube. It’s about 6 wefts sew together on a fish wire attached to rubber like bands on each side. It fits like a hat! ! I make my own, since I didn’t like the quality or colour hair they used. You cut them to how long you want them. You can even mix two colours if you prefer. You can either sew them together or use skin weft tape. I add one clip in the back on the top weft to add for security. Furthermore, I find of utmost important is the hair quality, this way it last over 3 months or more and no tangling.....don’t know if you heard of Bohyme Gold Collection Silky Straight- it the best ever! It comes in many different shades of blonde. It’s a bit high in price. I just wanted to pass on some helpful tips. Yes, I love Moroccan oil, it’s amazing!! Thanks for your honest opinions and tips as well. Keep them coming!!

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