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Hey everyone! I have been putting up too many mini Mac hauls on my YouTube Channel  and most of the time i don't think they really warrant a whole video so I decided to just do a Blog Haul! Yey!
So I'll start off with a brush I got. I ordered the 214 short smudger brush online. To be honest I thought it was going to be smaller and a bit more stiff. I want to use it with a soft pencil liner to smudge. I haven't used it yet so no concrete review here just sayin...If you know of a smaller stiffer smudge brush please let me know!
So the next thing I got was from their new Pro Longwear Lipcreme Lipstick Collection. I was really hoping for a really baby pink but there wasn't one :(. I came across the color in Overtime and it was a really nice natural pink so I thought I'd try it out! It is similar to the Satin lipsticks in the flatness of the color. I haven't really tried it out too much but I am excited to! From the swatch on my arm it is harder to rub off than the satin lipsticks. The packaging of this lipstick is even different it is in a long cylinder slimmer tube and is way more matte than their other lipsticks.
Overtime Is The First One In The Line Up
Now the fun stuff! The new Disney Villian collection. It looked so fun I just knew I had to have something from it!! I am a huge fan of nude colors. I just wear them more often and they go with almost everything. I got the Cruella De Vil cremesheen in Innocence, Beware! It is really pretty and compared to Myth obviously the first difference is that it is a Satin and Innocence, Beware! is a cremesheen. Besides the obvious difference I feel if you like Myth, you would lie Innocence, Beware! It has more of a pink tone but it's still really nude and might be one of my favs! It is really pretty and the packaging is fun with Cruella's picture and it is shinier than the average Mac Lipstick!
Heartless Is The First And Innocence Beware Is Second!
 Last but not least is the Lipglass is Devishly Stylish. I really love this color! It is a really nice sparkly pink and would look awesome on top of Innocence, Beware! The packaging is like the average lipglass but with Cruella's picture with a couple of the dalmation puppies!

Wicked Ways is First And Devilishly Stylish Is Second

Here are swatches of all my new toys! :)

Innocence, Beware!, Overtime, Devilishly Stylish

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