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Hey everyone! Since it is physically impossible for me to do a YouTube video on my channel everyday because I have work etc etc.. I will start posting blogs here once a day! I am hoping to do at least one YouTube video a week and a blog a day. Of course I am on Twitter 24/7 too! I can't promise anything but that is my plan :)

Moving on to the second topic of the day...Slouch boots.

Glaze by Adi Women's Faux Suede Slouchy Boot

I will admit, I have a weird obsession with shoes. When I say obsession, I don't mean I just love shoes and always am buying shoes but it is one the things I am pickiest about. You can really judge a person by their shoes! One of the hardest things I am on the search for are a pair of flat black leather slouch boots. My problem is either the toe is too pointy or there is a heel or the foot of it is too skinny I just don't know what to do!!

This has been going on since last year when they really started getting popular. I have been searching and searching but nothing! I did find a pair once at Macy's but I never picked them up! I should have because I am kicking myself now!!

Maybe I'll just order the ones in the pic I attached. I actually really like them a lot but I am wary or buying shoes online. I always have to try things on first before I buy them. Anyways, if you guys have any ideas please let me know.

Kelly xox

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