Cable Trouble!

Hey guys! So I promised a blog everyday so here we go...I have never had cable my entire life living at my parents home. So basically I had settle for the rabbit ears and maybe five channels (depending on the weather lol). I mean once or twice while I was living at home we had satellite for maybe a few months but that's about it. So I am in my own apartment now and I have gotten accustom to my five channels. The problem is that some of these channels now are not working (that darn digital switch!) Not just any channels though, important channels, basic channels like 2,4,7,20 & 50! All missing now!! Since most of the shows I love to watch are on channel 50 this was a huge bother to me.

As many of you might not know, Canadians don't have access to everything on every website as American's do. A lot of sites will let you on, but if you try to watch a video it says something like "This video in not available in your area". Basically it looks for your computer I.P. Address and if it isn't American, your not watching it!

So, determined to watch these shows and dare to be Canadian at the same time, I found a bunch of websites that are Canada friendly. First we have www.ctv.ca for Gossip Girl, America's Next Top Model, Big Bang Theory and any other shows on the CW. I also found that I can also watch many of my MTV shows like Jersey Shore and Teen Mom on www.mtv.ca which was a huge relief! You can find so many other shows on www.globaltv.com like House, Hellcats and 90210! Not to mention you can find almost any movie on demand on www.letmewatchthis.com. The internet is somethingI definitely rely on from day to day. I Honestly dunno know how we ever survived without it.

Back to my main point. My tv's are becoming obsolete! I'm neglecting them and I'm starting to feel like they have no purpose other than being a big fashion faux pas in the room! So I finally decided to get cable! Yey!! I know, I know, you're probably thinking..."Why spend money on cable when you just said yourself you can watch everything online". Well the truth is, having tv is kind of like having the radio. Even though you have tons of songs on your Ipod, sometimes you just like the randomness of the radio. Also, despite all the awesome shows you can watch online, There are still ton of shows on Bravo etc...that I am unable to watch.

So I set up the time for my cable to arrive which was Monday October 4th. It was perfect because I have Monday's off. They were kind enough to inform me that they will be showing up between 9am and 5pm...I'm like "Thanks?". Anywho, I was anxiously awaiting the arrival and most ppl are telling me "ohhh they won't be there till late". Since I like to sleep in, I knew otherwise. They decided to show up at 10am. I heard no knocking but I received a phone call informing me that they showed up and I didn't answer the door... So I called them back wondering what the heck was going on because I never received a knock at my door. We figured out that since my apartment is behind a house (Even though it has it's own address) They went to the wrong house!!! Now I am being penalized because the cable ppl don't like to listen!!

So in conclusion, it wouldn't be that big of a deal BUT I was planning to take a trip from Saturday to Monday to visit my bf at his school which is an hour and a half away. I didn't go because I had to wait for the cable guy. :(

Thanks for letting me vent!

Kelly xox

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