I Love Christmas!

Hey everyone! I would like to start writing more blog posts and what better to write about are how I feel! I just love this time of year; the holiday season, it just makes me feel so good! From the music to the Decorations, to just the spirit that is thrown around this time of year!

Of course when I was younger, it was all about the presents...or at least I thought it was. I got older and realized all the nostalgia the season brought. It just gives me a warm feeling inside. What really got me excited (aside from the gifts) was the atmosphere, the family and the fun of it all!

I celebrate Christmas, and of course this means a lot of different things to different people. Everybody has a right to their own opinion. I think the underlying message is that it is a time of giving and being selfless. No matter what the season means to you, I feel we can all agree.

Most think I am crazy since Christmas is hmmm...26 days away...We are still in November! To be honest, I haven't really been feeling the spirit the past few Christmases and it has been especially upsetting because this is usually my favourite season. It relieves me to be feeling it this early, the earlier it is the longer this happy feeling lasts! So for everybody who chooses to poke fun at the fact that I put my tree up a week ago and have the Christmas station constantly blaring on my car radio, let them! As long as it makes me feel good I will proudly wear my santa hat :) !


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