Christmas Haul

Hey everybody! I know I am not very good at keeping up with my blogs :S but I am trying! I thought I'd give you a glimpse of what I got for Christmas. These are my combined gifts from my boyfriend, parents, sister, friends, Santa, Secret Santa, boss and boyfriends parents! I am in no way bragging, just sharing my holiday with you :). I did not want to make a whole YouTube video out of it so I did a blog post instead.

So these aren't in any particular order basically in the order I took the pictures - random lol.

I got a three piece "Diva" Martini Set by De-Lite from my older sister Brandy, it is soo cute! It comes with two martini glasses and a 1-16 ounce shaker. They have hand painted closed eyes with eyelashes and cute sparkly designs!
3 Piece "Diva" Martini Set

So, at my work instead of feeling like you have to buy for everybody (because there are like 10 people that work together), we have a Secret Santa. This is where everybody pulls a name and we set a limit and buy for one person. We write down ideas to make it easier on the person who buys for you. My Secret Santa ended up being my boss and she went way over the budget! Here is what I got!

Mac Slick Black Greasepaint Stick

Mac 210 Eyeliner Brush

I Asked A Makeup Brush Roll And She Got Me A Mac One! :)
Opened Makeup Brush Roll
Mac Eyeshadow In Carbon

Falsies Mascara!

The next Few things are from my Parents and Santa!

Flash Tape (to prevent flashing when your blouse opens)

Nylon Socks With Pads For High Heels

Panty Hose!

Hocus Pocus! I Love This Movie!
Face Mask!
Two Matching Mirrored Lamps For My Bedroom!

I received the next few things from my boyfriend Dave!

Lap Top Cooler (to prevent the laptop from overheating)

Air Purifier (the tenant below me smokes, and I have a very sensitive sense of smell :S)

Laptop Speakers (they hook on the top of the screen!)
 I love getting gift cards! I recieved the Suzy Shier card from my sister, The Keg card from my Boss as part of my Christmas bonus as well as the Indigo Card.

 I also got a purse from my boyfriend's parents that I am exchanging for a different one so I might post it up here later!

I just want to thank everybody for all the wonderful gifts! Even though I like getting gifts, I love giving them and seeing people's reactions even more! So that sums up what I got for Christmas! I hope everybody had great time with their Holidays!

TTFN, Kelly xox

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  1. What do you do? Just curious, since you love hair and fashion, what your profession is!